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"If Led Zeppelin was just one guy and was French, then Led Zepp would be Junior Rodriguez" Classic Rock Uk


New album "Stellar Dream"


VINYL picture disc"zoetrope"




With a pulse and force rarely mastered and ridden to the limits, Junior Rodriguez is a sonic alchemist who's sound pushes the boundaries of his genre. Too driven and charged to be pure Psych, yet too spaced and mystically tempered to be straight Rock, his vibe is out on its own. 


Striking out as a solo artist in 2014 he emerged from a background of more than 800 concerts worldwide, from Hellfest to Glastonbury and back again, and countless collaborations including a project with Tili, Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell). 


His first EP unleashed the widely acclaimed “Sweet Demon” was followed by a second EP featuring the anthemic “Heavenlips” and the hauntingly powerful “Cactus Seed”. Junior is a relentless artist. Recording alone, his process organic, he weaves a hypnosis of massive riffs, smoked vocals and linear rhythms.  


As a live performer Junior Rodriguez is a masterful presence playing from a plateau where the fight is over and the forces at work are tamed. At an early concert Film-maker Alberic Jouzeau stood transfixed and conceived the idea to film Junior’s creative process as he writes a new song set against the untamed backdrop of Iceland’s open spaces.  The result is the incredible "Starting From Nowhere", documentary series, revealing the mysticism and the music of the artist at work. 


Born out of this extraordinary adventure is the forthcoming album “Stellar Dream”,  from which the first single "Just Like You" was released in May 2019 to widespread critical acclaim. Mixed by Mark Stent (Oasis, Muse, Bjork, U2, Paul McCartney ...)  at East West Studio in Los Angeles, the track reveals a mystic twist set to a striding rhythm, and a purely wicked groove, that leaves you spellbound, entranced, stunned. 

Junior really shows his teeth in the merciless “Pissed Off”, a tender side in “My Love My Friend”, a cinematic vision in “Starting from Nowhere” and a prowling splendour in the title track “Stellar Dream”. Each of his facets is as authentic as the others as he strives towards what is noble and true in his art. 


"Stellar Dream" is set for release on October 4, 2019 to be followed by a tour kicked off with a show at La Boule Noire in Paris on November 26, 2019.

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"If Led Zeppelin was just one guy and was French, then Led Zepp would be Junior Rodriguez" 4,5/5 Classic Rock Uk

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